Chorgemeinschaft Kai Müller

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Seven independant and established choires from the greater Stuttgart area are forming the Chorgemeinschaft Kai Müller - a musical association lead by conductor and pianist Kai Müller:

It is not only the same choir leader Kai Müller who is connecting these choirs but the desire to be able to accomplish ideas and projects that exceed the possibilities of each single choir. As experienced concert and solo musician Kai Müller is developing continuously first class productions with the 250 singers of his association. They are performed in the legendary “Stuttgarter Liederhalle” (Stuttgart’s most recognized concert hall). Very successful productions were in 1995 "Carmina Burana", Opera Gala I” in 1998, "Elias" in 2001, "Music was my first love" in 2004, "Paulus" in 2008 and the highly praised “Opera Gala II” in 2011.
After its grand success in November 2014 in Stuttgart, the concert "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz" was once again performed in 2015 at the CongressCentrum Pforzheim, with the German Star Tenor Jey Alexander, Baritone  Monty D. Bürkle, Torsten Bader and his Band and the orchestra CONCERTO Tübingen. The most recent concert event was "Faszination Musical" in October 2017 with overwhelming success and a nearly sold-out house!

Moreover the single choirs captured their audience with famous Musical productions as "Jesus Christ Superstar" 1997, "Joseph" 1998, "Evita" 1999, "Hair" und "Anatevka" 2000, "The Jungle Book” 2002, "Cabaret" 2003, "Some like it different" 2005 und "Backstage – Everything you normally don’t get see …” 2011. In February 2014 the choir Liederkranz Ditzingen staged Elton John’s Musical “Aida” and was rewarded with tremendous success not only locally but in the whole region.

One of the most important wishes is the musical bridging between the peoples. Visiting national and international Choir festivals, concert trips and the connection with artists and musicians of other nations are an important element of the musical life.

The Chorgemeinschaft is looking back on many concert trips:

1991 Budapest | 1992 Helsinki - St. Petersburg - Stockholm | 1993 Washington - New York - Toronto | 1994 Hamburg | 1995 Brussels - Edinburgh - Dublin - Paris | 1996 Sienna - Assisi | 1997 Phoenix - Las Vegas - San Francisco | 1998 Wroclaw - Pardubice | 1999 Berlin - Copenhagen | 2001 Concer Cruise Eastern Mediterranean | 2002 Switzerland | 2003 Norway | 2004 Slovakia - Vienna | 2005 Concert Cruise around Western Europe | 2006 Slovenia | 2007 Poland | 2008 River Cruise Rhone France| 2009 Baltic States - St. Petersburg | 2009 Tanzania | 2010 Madrid | 2012 River Cruise from Germany to the Netherlands | 2013 Texas | 2014 River Cruise Flanders | 2014 Iceland | 2015 Balkan | 2016 South England | 2017 Romania | 2018 France | 2019 Hungary

Currently preparations are underway for a transnational concert trip in 2019 to Budapest / St. Petersburg / Pyongyang (North Korea) featuring Beethoven's Symphony No. 9.

Over 25 years the concerts and productions were highly appreciated and estimated by audience and press - no matter if classical choruses, pop songs and charts hits, gospels or experimental music were performed on stage. But it always showed the big scope of different styles and genres of the single choirs. It is Kai Müller’s believe that by changing the repertoire constantly the singing acquirements for the singers are increasing permanently which leads to the enormous success of the Chorgemeinschaft in the end. All choirs have the opportunity for professional phonation and voice and sing training.

And for the ones who like to „just sing“ Kai Müller offers various get-togethers where singers join in for singing and having fun together.

Sommer an der Glems


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Die Sängerinnen und Sänger des Liederkranz e.V. Ditzingen freuen sich, mit Euch den Auftakt der offenen Veranstaltungsreihe "Sommer an der Glems" zu feiern!

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Platz an der Glems, Ditzingen
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